Bore Water Softener :

    Bore Water Softener remove the hardness of water mainly due to the presence of Ca and Mg in water. It is processed through the media called RESIN.

    Benefits of Bore Water Softener :
    • Softer skin and silkier hair.
    • Less soap used.
    • Less scale and scum buildup.
    • Fewer stains on dishes.
    • More efficient laundry and protection for your clothes.
    • Protected pipes and appliances.
    • Better tasting water.
Available Sizes : BWS2KL, BWS3KL, BWS6KL, BWS9KL

Signs of Hard Water :

    If you've noticed any of these signs when washing dishes, doing laundry, or showering, then you may have hard water.

    • Do your faucets have watermarks, even though you just cleaned them?
    • Is there excessive lime and chalk buildup on the walls of sinks and showers in your home?
    • Are your white clothes dingy or your colors fading unusually fast?.
    • Does your water taste or smell wrong?
    • Do you have low water pressure?
    • Do your appliances break quicker than they should?
    • Do your dishes have watermarks and residue on them when they dry?